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You have searched for hours for the perfect watch in your image but one detail does not satisfy you.

You don't like the color of the second hand, the watch is not waterproof, the glass is not sapphire, the insert is not to your liking... .
Stop looking, no watch has been designed for you. If you want a watch in your image , you have to create it. Every detail is important, from the color of the dial to the shape of the bezel, everything should be a personal choice.
BBmod France specializes in the modification and complete customization of watches. Together, let's satisfy your desires and create a watch that suits you.


My name is Billy, I live in the Toulouse region in France, I assemble and modify watches  watches since 2017.

I started by making small changes to my watches, people quickly became interested in what I had on my wrist and asked me to make watches for them.

I then decided to throw myself fully into this passion by always offering more possible watches configurations.

Check out my interview with Namoki


Some answers to your questions

What is a Seiko Mod?

The term MOD is the fact of being able to modify a watch . Seiko is a Japanese brand, very popular with customization fans. Almost all the parts and other mechanisms of the watch are available for purchase at Seiko or Namoki for example (hands, bezel, crown, etc.)

What made the strength of Seiko and which increases the enthusiasm with the mods , is the fact of offering a very great customization of their watches, while facilitating the process of creation, thanks to its wide choice of parts available. . Thus, we can take watches like the Seiko Prospex Diver, SKX, Seiko 5 Sports or even SNXJ89 as well as the new Seiko 5 GMT SSK001, SSK003, SSK005 and modify them according to our tastes, your passion and your desires of the moment.

How to personalize a watch?

There are many ways to modify a Seiko watch , and the possibilities are nearly endless. You can also modify the appearance of your Seiko, by changing the bracelet, the dial, or the bezel. You can also modify the internal components of your watch to improve its performance. Seiko Mods can be as simple or as complex as you want, and the results can be truly amazing.

Some want a unique watch with a dial in their image, patterns and personalized logo, others prefer to change the style of the hands to give their watch a vintage look. You can also have initials or quotes engraved on the back of the watch. 

Where to buy Seiko Mods?

It is recommended to call on a specialist in watch modification and assembly. BBMOD France is an expert in the field of Seiko Mods and therefore offers a wide choice of customization at a very qualitative price.

BBMOD France is a store that was founded by a watch enthusiast, anxious to share his love for personalization with his customers. Several models are already available for immediate purchase, but you can of course discuss with Billy to work out the model of your choice. Once the dream personalized watch is ordered, he will then assemble it for you and ensure that the delivery is secure for your watch. 



A magnificent watch made within the announced deadlines. Very good communication with Billy. Impeccable packaging. Everything is very professional!
Thanks again !

Lucas on Trustpilot