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Men's Automatic Watches: BBmod & Seiko mod Collection

Immerse yourself in the world of timeless elegance with our exclusive selection of automatic watches for men, featuring the prestigious BBmod and Seiko mod collections. Designed for watch enthusiasts who appreciate quality and attention to detail. Our automatic watches with Seiko movements are the symbol of a heritage rich in innovation and craftsmanship.

BBmod : The Avant-Garde of Modern Watchmaking

The BBmod collection is aimed at the modern man, looking for a watch that reflects his dynamic lifestyle and lasts over time. Each BBmod watch is crafted in my workshop in France, with precision automatic mechanisms wrapped in avant-garde designs that I imagine. Whether you're a professional looking for discreet elegance or a modern-day adventurer, BBmod watches offer you flawless reliability and unrivalled style.

Seiko mod : The Perfect Harmony of Tradition and Innovation

The Seiko mod collection pays tribute to Japan's watchmaking heritage, integrating cutting-edge technologies with classic designs. These automatic watches for men are the perfect marriage of tradition and modernity, offering exceptional precision and unrivalled comfort on the wrist. Each watch is designed to accompany men in their quest for perfection, whether they're in the boardroom or exploring the city.

Your Everyday Companion

Our BBmod and Seiko mod automatic watches are more than just accessories; they are true companions for every moment of your life. With their automatic winding, they adapt to your rhythm. They are the ideal choice for the man who appreciates the combination of automatism and elegance.

Discover our collection and find the men's automatic watch that will accompany you on your journey, combining functionality, style and prestige. With BBmod and Seiko mod, experience watchmaking that transcends time.

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  • SKO Classic GMT

    695,00 Select options

    Discover the SKO Classic GMT for watch enthusiasts looking for a distinguished and robust timepiece. Featuring a sturdy case topped by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the SKO Classic GMT promises durability and visual clarity for all your travels. Its design brilliantly merges functionality and modern aesthetics, making this watch an ideal choice for any occasion.

    At the heart of the SKO Classic GMT is a precision Seiko GMT automatic movement, designed for globetrotters who need to keep track of two time zones simultaneously. With a Water resistance guaranteed to 200 meters, it is perfectly suited to divers and deep-sea adventurers, ensuring performance and reliability and offering a choice alternative to the famous Rolex GMT "Batman".

  • SKO Silver Galaxy GMT

    695,00 Select options

    Travel through the stars with the comfort and precision of the SKO Silver Galaxy GMT

    The SKO Silver Galaxy GMT is a shining star in the GMT constellation. It offers an unrivalled user experience, combining comfort and precision to suit all your adventures, whether on land or underwater.

    The Galaxy pattern of the PVD-treated GMT hand is random, making each creation unique.

    With its dazzling design and adaptive features, this watch is the perfect ally for those who live to the rhythm of change and are looking for a reliable companion to explore new horizons. The SKO Silver Galaxy GMT is synonymous with flexibility andelegance, enabling you to get through your day with confidence and style.

  • Frosted Yacht

    595,00 Select options

    The Frosted Yacht is distinguished by its unique design and refined aesthetics. With its frosted-effect dial and robust steel bezel, this watch is a true symbol of elegance and durability.

    Designed for watch enthusiasts looking for originality and quality, the Frosted Yacht is a distinctive fashion accessory that catches the eye and arouses admiration. It's a masterpiece that combines innovative styling and precision manufacturing, offering you an exceptional watchmaking experience.

  • SKO Yacht

    615,00 Select options

    The SKO Yacht: functional elegance at its best. Designed as a sophisticated alternative to the Rolex Yachtmaster, this toolwatch embodies the perfect balance between style and robustness. Its major attraction lies in its refined ceramic bezel, adding a touch of finesse. At the heart of the Sko Yacht is a precision automatic movement, ensuring reliable performance for everyday use.

    Featuring a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, it guarantees exemplary legibility and unrivalled durability, braving time and the elements. With impressive water resistance up to 200 meters, the SKO Yacht is ready to accompany you on all your underwater adventures. Its screw-down crown enhances security, a crucial detail for water sports enthusiasts.

  • Subo Classic

    595,00 Select options

    The Subo Classic: a watch where functional elegance reaches new heights. Designed as a sophisticated alternative to the Rolex Submariner, this toolwatch embodies the perfect balance between style and durability. Its strength lies in its refined ceramic bezel, which adds a touch of sophistication. At the heart of this watch beats a precise automatic movement, guaranteeing reliable performance every day.

    The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures perfect legibility and exceptional durability, defying time and the elements. With an impressive Water resistance of up to 200 meters, the Subo Classic is ready to accompany you on all your underwater adventures. What's more, its screw-down crown offers added security, a crucial detail for aquatic enthusiasts.

  • Carbon Polar Beastmaster (Pre-order)

    595,00 Select options

    This is a pre-order, the Carbon Polar Beastmaster watches will be delivered from February 15, 2024.

    Limited edition of 25 numbered pieces

    In my workshop, where every tool and piece of metal tells a story, I designed the Carbon Polar Beastmaster, a watch like no other.

    I was inspired by the icy vastness of the Arctic, a world where beauty meets danger. By using forged carbon for the bezel, I sought to capture the robustness and lightness needed to survive in these harsh conditions. This material, both strong and elegant, reflects my quest for excellence.

    The double-domed sapphire crystal is not just a part of the watch. For me, it symbolizes clarity and resilience. Like the arctic crystal, it offers transparency and solidity, ensuring perfect legibility in all situations.

    Its water resistance to 200 metres is not just a technical feature. It symbolizes my admiration for the mysterious, unexplored depths of the oceans. The polar white dial is my tribute to snowy immensity, while the electric blue second hand recalls the aurora borealis, a spectacle of nature that never ceases to amaze me.

    This creation is not a mass production; it is a limited edition of just 25 pieces, making each watch unique and precious.

  • 62Sea Origin

    595,00 Select options

    Discover the 62Sea Origin, a dive watch with a retro design inspired by the 60s and the Seiko 62mas SPB143, designed for underwater adventure enthusiasts. Combining robustness and elegance, it features an exceptional Water resistance up to 200 meters, a scratch-resistant beveled sapphire crystal, a unidirectional bezel for precise dive time measurement and a ceramic bezel.

  • Seikonaut Khaki

    665,00 Select options

    Discover the precision and style of our Seikonaut Khaki

    Discover the Seikonaut Khaki, a watch that embodies an elegant fusion of the distinctive Nautilus design and Seiko's renowned precision. This one-of-a-kind watch is the fruit of our passion for the complete modification and personalization of watches, reflecting your style and personality.

    With its Nautilus-inspired case and Seiko dial, the Seikonaut Khaki is a true horological masterpiece. Every detail has been carefully thought out to offer you a watch that not only catches the eye, but is also a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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  • Seikonaut Skeleton - Men's skeleton watch

    Seikonaut Skeleton

    665,00 Select options

    Explore the Art of Seikonaut Skeleton

    Discover the Seikonaut Skeleton watch, a men's skeleton watch that combines sophistication with cutting-edge mechanics. This horological masterpiece reveals the essence of watchmaking through its transparent design, perfect for those who value precision and style.

    The Seikonaut Skeleton is designed for the modern man, a symbol of refinement and technical sophistication. Its 316L stainless steel structure and visible mechanism make it a remarkable timepiece.

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  • seiko mod

    Black Shadow

    595,00 Select options

    The Stealthy Elegance of Seiko Mod Black

    The Black Shadow emerges from the shadows with its all-black design and stealthy allure. Designed for those seeking durability anduniqueness, this watch offers high-end features such as water-resistant construction and superior quality components.

    With its mysterious aesthetics and advanced functionality, the Black Shadow is a bold choice for Seiko Mod Black watch enthusiasts. It's a timepiece that combines style and performance with an unconventional approach to legibility.

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  • Katana Blue Arabic Dial (Silver)

    595,00 Select options

    The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

    The Katana Blue Arabic Dial (Silver) is a watch that combines tradition and modernity. Inspired by the finesse and precision of Japanese swords, this watch is a tribute to watchmaking craftsmanship. Its blue dial, reminiscent of the depths of the sea, is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. The hands glow in the dark thanks to Super Luminova BGW9, making them easy to read even in the dark.

    The Katana is the fruit of Billy's passion and vision, reflecting his love for watches that combine elegance and durability. With a limited production run, this watch is a symbol of exclusivity and distinction.

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  • Dato Blue Arabic Dial 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    A Glacier Blue Sun Dial for an Exceptional Watch

    Dive into the world of refinement with the Dato Blue Arabic Dial 36mm. This watch, with its refined design, evokes the serenity of deep oceans thanks to its blue dial. The delicately brushed hands, illuminated by Super Luminova BGW9, are like beacons in the night, guiding your time with precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it reflects watchmaking craftsmanship at its best.

    Its robustness is ensured by a 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, making it suitable for all your adventures, whether formal or informal. And with production limited to 200 units, it's not just a watch, but a statement of exclusivity.

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  • Dato Blue Arabic Dial 39mm

    555,00 Select options

    The Dato Blue Arabic Dial, a masterpiece of our collection, embodies a sublime harmony between watchmaking tradition and aesthetic modernity.

    This iconic model has been meticulously enhanced, incorporating exclusive BBmod components, while preserving the renowned Seiko precision mechanism.

    Every detail of this watch, from its elegant Arabic dial to its captivating deep blue, is a celebration of our commitment to quality and elegance.

    Designed and assembled with care in our French workshop, the Dato Blue Arabic Dial is a guarantee of durability and comfort. Its dimensions have been designed to ensure a pleasant daily wearing experience.

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  • Icerberg AquaGuard

    675,00 Select options

    Diver ready for action

  • Dato Blue Hawk 39mm

    555,00 Select options

    Discover the Dato Blue Hawk 39mm, a contemporary and refined interpretation of a classic watch design.

    Made in our French workshop, this watch combines elegance and technical innovation.

    Inspired by an iconic design, it features a slender case and a captivating hawk-blue dial, embodying modern sophistication.

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  • Red Lolipop

    595,00 Select options

    Discreet but readable

  • Dato Leaf 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    The natural

  • Supercharged 5KX Stealth Merc

    655,00 Select options

    The Evolution of Robustness and Durability

    Discover the Supercharged 5KX Stealth Merc, a watch that redefines the standards of ruggedness. Part of the Seiko 5 Sports range, this watch has been meticulously enhanced by Billy to surpass its predecessors in terms of durability. Every detail, every component has been thought through to offer a watch that is not only elegant, but also built to withstand the challenges of everyday life.

    The Supercharged 5KX is the fruit of a passion for watchmaking and a constant quest for excellence. It embodies BBmod's promise to offer superior watches built to last. With its Stealth Merc design, it combines discretion and elegance, making it the perfect choice for those seeking both style and performance.

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  • Dato Chromatic 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    The most colorful Dato

  • Dato Gun Skeleton 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    The Skeletal Dato

  • Dato Coal 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    The classic

  • women's automatic watch bbmod

    Dato Juli 36mm

    555,00 Select options

    The Dato Juli 36mm, an automatic watch for women

    The Dato Juli 36mm is an automatic ladies' and men's watch with touches of rose gold, embodying refined elegance. Its design is the fruit of our passion for personalization, offering a watch that adapts not only to your style, but also to your personality.

    With its classically inspired design and modern aesthetic, the Dato Juli 36mm transcends gender, lending itself to unisex styling. It's ideal for anyone looking for a watch that stands out for its style and reliability.

    This watch is not just an accessory; it's a life companion that combines beauty and functionality, testifying to your taste for watchmaking excellence. This women's automatic watch is the perfect choice for those who value durability and style in a single object.

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