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Subo (40mm)

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  • Subo Vintage

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    The Subo Vintage: a watch where functional elegance meets vintage charm. Conceived as a sophisticated alternative to the Rolex Submariner, this toolwatch brilliantly fuses retro style with contemporary robustness. Its aluminum bezel, a tribute to classic designs, enriches its aesthetics with a touch of vintage authenticity. The patina-effect lume adds a seductive aged look, underlining its timeless heritage.

    The heart of the Subo Vintage beats to the rhythm of a precise automatic movement, a promise of everyday reliability. Protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, its legibility remains impeccable, guaranteeing unfailing durability. Water-resistant to 200 meters and equipped with a screw-down crown, it is the perfect ally for your underwater explorations, combining safety with a passion for aquatic adventure.

  • Cosmic White Carbon GMT

    595,00 Select options

    Limited edition of 50 numbered pieces

    I designed the Cosmic White Carbon GMT in my workshop in Toulouse, a watch like no other, limited to 50 numbered pieces.

    The dial of the Cosmic White Carbon GMT is adorned with the "Petite Tapisserie" motif, an emblematic symbol of the art of watchmaking that blends technical complexity with refined aesthetics. Composed of hundreds of small truncated pyramids on a background of tens of thousands of small diamonds, this unique design plays with light to offer exceptional depth and brilliance to the dial.

    The GMT hand features a "Galaxy" color, obtained through physical vapor deposition, a technique that creates a stunning and singular visual effect for each watch, thanks to the random nature of the process.

    The exclusivity continues with an elegant engraving on the back of each watch, displaying space-inspired motifs and underlining the uniqueness of each piece thanks to a specific numbering for each watch.

    Finally, the forged carbon bezel insert adds a technical and aesthetic dimension, making the Cosmic White Carbon GMT an adventure-ready watch designed for those who appreciate enduring elegance and uncompromising performance.

  • Subo Stealth Lightning

    675,00 Select options

    Stealth with color

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