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Immerse yourself in our collection of bracelets for Seiko and BBmod watches, specially designed for connoisseurs looking for high-quality watch accessories. Our selection features bracelets suitable for both Seiko and BBmod watches, ensuring that every watch enthusiast will find the perfect bracelet to personalize their timepiece. Each piece in our collection is a guarantee of quality and refinement, designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Classics Reinvented: Seiko's Rubber, Oyster and Jubilee Bracelets

Within our range, the Seiko Jubilee bracelet stands out for its timeless elegance and meticulous finishing. This bracelet, emblematic of Seiko tradition, has been reinterpreted to suit new models, such as the Seiko 62MAS, SRPD, SRPE, SSK... with a design that perfectly blends history and modernity. Its 316L stainless steel structure and versatile style make it a must-have for Seiko enthusiasts.

Uncompromising adaptability

The BBmod bracelet collection values compatibility and adaptability, offering a wide range of bracelets designed to fit perfectly with different models of Seiko watches. Each bracelet is designed to complement your watch, adding a personal touch without compromising comfort or functionality. Whatever your Seiko or BBmod watch, find the strap that will perfect your look and reflect your individuality.

Quality and comfort

Choosing a bracelet from our collection means opting for an exceptional experience, combining comfort and resistance. We are committed to selecting only top-quality materials, ensuring the long-term durability and aesthetics of your bracelet. Let yourself be seduced by the finesse of our bracelets for Seiko watches and transform your watch into a unique accessory that will accompany you at every moment of your life.

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  • Metal Strap for New Seiko 62mas (SPB143...) - Silver

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    These Jubilee and Oyster stainless steel bracelets are compatible with the new 62MAS (Type SPB143).

    BBmod bracelets are designed to provide superior quality and long life, even under the most challenging conditions. We use only high quality 316L stainless steel that is corrosion and wear resistant.

    They are precision-engineered for maximum durability, and length adjustment is facilitated by the use of screws rather than pins.

  • Metal Strap for Seiko 5 40mm (SRPE...) - Silver

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    Luxury and durability in stainless steel

    Product description :

    Introducing the Metal Bracelet for Seiko 5 40mm in Silver, the epitome of elegance and robustness. Designed specifically for Seiko 5 40mm models (SRPE...), this stainless steel bracelet adds a touch of refinement to your watch. Whether you opt for the Jubilee or Oyster style, every link reflects BBmod's promise of quality.

    But it's not just a question of appearance. Each BBmod bracelet is forged from high-grade 316L stainless steel, guaranteeing resistance to corrosion and wear. Designed to last, it is manufactured with meticulous precision, ensuring maximum durability. What's more, length adjustment is simplified thanks to the use of screws instead of traditional pins. Compare it to original Seiko bracelets (SRPE) and see for yourself the superiority of BBmod quality.

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  • Universal 20mm FKM rubber strap - Silver

    54,50 Add to cart

    Comfort and Durability for All Watches

    Introducing the Universal 20mm FKM Rubber Strap in Silver, an elegant and durable solution for all watch enthusiasts. Its universal design with straight ends makes it compatible with all watches with a 20mm lugs, offering unrivalled versatility.

    But this bracelet isn't just versatile. Made from FKM, a premium synthetic rubber, it's designed to withstand everyday challenges. Whether it's heat, chemicals or UV rays, this bracelet is ready to face the elements. Its durability is enhanced by its longer life than natural rubber, making it a popular choice in demanding industries such as automotive and aerospace. With this bracelet, you're guaranteed an accessory that combines style and sturdiness.

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  • Rubber Strap for Seiko (SRPD 5, SSK GMT, SKX) - Rose Gold

    57,50 Select options

    Elegance and strength in Rose Gold shade

    Introducing the Rubber Strap for Seiko in Rose Gold, a perfect fusion of style and durability. Designed specifically for Seiko models such as the Seiko 5 Sports, SSK GMT and SKX007, this bracelet is particularly suited to the SRPD76. Its rose gold hue adds a touch of elegance, while retaining the robustness expected of a quality watch strap.

    Made from FKM, this bracelet is much more than just an aesthetic accessory. Fluoroelastomer, resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays, guarantees exceptional longevity. This material of choice, prized in demanding sectors such as the automotive and aerospace industries, ensures that your bracelet will stand the test of time.

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  • Rubber Strap for Seiko (SRPD 5, SSK GMT, SKX) - Black

    57,50 Select options

    The Perfect Alliance of Sustainability and Elegance

    Discover the Rubber Strap for Seiko in black, designed to enhance the elegance of your watch while guaranteeing exceptional durability. Suitable for a variety of Seiko models including the Seiko 5 Sports, SSK GMT and SKX007, this strap is particularly recommended for the SRPD79. Made from FKM, a premium synthetic rubber, it resists the vagaries of time, whether heat, chemicals or UV rays. Used in demanding industries such as aerospace and automotive, FKM guarantees superior longevity to natural rubber. With this bracelet, not only are you adding a touch of sophistication to your watch, but you're also investing in an accessory designed to last.

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