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Dato (36mm and 39mm)

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  • Dato Blue Arabic Dial 36mm

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    A Glacier Blue Sun Dial for an Exceptional Watch

    Dive into the world of refinement with the Dato Blue Arabic Dial 36mm. This watch, with its refined design, evokes the serenity of deep oceans thanks to its blue dial. The delicately brushed hands, illuminated by Super Luminova BGW9, are like beacons in the night, guiding your time with precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it reflects watchmaking craftsmanship at its best.

    Its robustness is ensured by a 316L stainless steel case and bracelet, making it suitable for all your adventures, whether formal or informal. And with production limited to 200 units, it's not just a watch, but a statement of exclusivity.

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  • Dato Blue Arabic Dial 39mm

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    The Dato Blue Arabic Dial, a masterpiece of our collection, embodies a sublime harmony between watchmaking tradition and aesthetic modernity.

    This iconic model has been meticulously enhanced, incorporating exclusive BBmod components, while preserving the renowned Seiko precision mechanism.

    Every detail of this watch, from its elegant Arabic dial to its captivating deep blue, is a celebration of our commitment to quality and elegance.

    Designed and assembled with care in our French workshop, the Dato Blue Arabic Dial is a guarantee of durability and comfort. Its dimensions have been designed to ensure a pleasant daily wearing experience.

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  • Dato Blue Hawk 39mm

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    Discover the Dato Blue Hawk 39mm, a contemporary and refined interpretation of a classic watch design.

    Made in our French workshop, this watch combines elegance and technical innovation.

    Inspired by an iconic design, it features a slender case and a captivating hawk-blue dial, embodying modern sophistication.

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  • Dato Leaf 36mm

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  • Dato Chromatic 36mm

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    The most colorful Dato

  • Dato Gun Skeleton 36mm

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    The Skeletal Dato

  • Dato Coal 36mm

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  • women's automatic watch bbmod

    Dato Juli 36mm

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    The Dato Juli 36mm, an automatic watch for women

    The Dato Juli 36mm is an automatic ladies' and men's watch with touches of rose gold, embodying refined elegance. Its design is the fruit of our passion for personalization, offering a watch that adapts not only to your style, but also to your personality.

    With its classically inspired design and modern aesthetic, the Dato Juli 36mm transcends gender, lending itself to unisex styling. It's ideal for anyone looking for a watch that stands out for its style and reliability.

    This watch is not just an accessory; it's a life companion that combines beauty and functionality, testifying to your taste for watchmaking excellence. This women's automatic watch is the perfect choice for those who value durability and style in a single object.

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  • Dato Polar 36mm

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    A frosted dial

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